Golang の軽量フレームワーク gin をインストールする


  • CentOS7
  • go1.x
  • gin1.x
  • Nginx

gin インストール

$ cd /path/to/go/src/your/project
$ vi main.go


package main
func main() {}

dep でインストール

$ dep init
$ dep ensure -add github.com/gin-gonic/gin

gin 確認


package main

import "github.com/gin-gonic/gin"

func main() {
    r := gin.Default()
    r.GET("/ping", func(c *gin.Context) {
        c.JSON(200, gin.H{
            "message": "pong",
    r.Run() // listen and server on


$ go run main.go

ctrl + c で終了

[GIN-debug] [WARNING] Creating an Engine instance with the Logger and Recovery middleware already attached.

[GIN-debug] [WARNING] Running in "debug" mode. Switch to "release" mode in production.
 - using env:	export GIN_MODE=release
 - using code:	gin.SetMode(gin.ReleaseMode)

[GIN-debug] GET    /ping                     --> main.main.func1 (3 handlers)
[GIN-debug] Environment variable PORT is undefined. Using port :8080 by default
[GIN-debug] Listening and serving HTTP on :8080


$ go build main.go

Nginx の設定